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Photo of Anne D ReamOur lives are most successful, satisfying and healthy when we are engaged in positive, meaningful relationships. Is your significant relationship filled with conflict? Have you experienced divorce or the death of a loved one? Are you struggling with a child/children? Anne Ream, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Philadelphia PA, 19119, specializes in working with many different types of relationship problems, depression, anxiety, anger, PTSD, ADHD, addiction and more. Anne has coached many people into developing healthy relationships through couples, family, and individual therapy. Please visit her page on couples or families, under the “services” tab.

Psychological health is necessary for a healthy life. Experience has taught me that people can and do heal from difficult experiences, as they create the emotional health they need for the life they want. Therapy helps people change emotional problems into emotional intelligence. Therapy is growth.

Finding a therapist one feels safe with is important; one needs to learn as much as possible about a prospective therapist. Facilitating client’s process is my primary objective. I do this with authentic empathy and understanding, asking reflective questions and with deep listening which results in people developing increased self-awareness. During the therapeutic process people deepen their self-understanding, and discover their personal solutions, which results in improved self-esteem and self-respect. My preferred style of work is an integration of humanistic, collaborative, emotional, cognitive/behavioral and narrative therapies.

We all can have intimate conversations.In my work, with people of all ages from various cultures, I have seen that many people have unrealistic negative perceptions of themselves, when in fact; they are stronger, more intelligent, capable, creative and resilient than they know. I help people identify the strengths and abilities they have to build the relationships and lives they want. My naturally optimistic nature, tempered by experience, continues to be renewed as I see the positive characteristics of the people I work with. It is exciting to watch as people begin to recognize their positive qualities and grow because of the work we have done together.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor and my mission is to facilitate holistic growth, health and balance in couples, families, individuals and their relationships.